COUNSELING: Working from Home for Couples

By Licensed Counselor, Donna Goss, MA, LPC

Everyone is facing new challenges as we continue to live our lives from “home.” I have experienced working from home in my previous life (before becoming a counselor) but never to the degree it is now. And I also now have to consider my spouse and allow space for him to be productive. 

What have been our biggest challenges? 

  • Respecting one another’s space—His office space has taken over our personal office with his laptop, two computer screens and papers. He is good about trying to keep the space cleaned off at the end of his day which is helpful because I too use the space for my counseling sessions. 
  • Respect—When he is working his early morning hours and I’m not yet “on the clock” I have to be mindful that even though he is in the next room, I can’t be constantly interrupting him, playing TV or music channels loud etc. When he does take a break, then I’ll talk or he will share something with me. Also, if we talk all day long what would we have to talk about in the evenings? 
  • Being together 24/7 for the most part without a break. Other than a couple trips to the grocery store or a walk with our dog, we have been sharing the same space most of the time. I am thankful that we do get along so well. 

Tips for Success

  • Take a walk, sit outside, take a hot bath or shower. Do something for yourself!
  • Find ways to make each other laugh!
  • Remind yourself that this will not last forever
  • Play music that you both enjoy or that brings back memories of dating or early years together
  • Keep in touch with family and friends 
  • Take a ride in the car
  • Talk about what is going on with this pandemic and share your fears and doubts when they hit you
  • Pray and worship together

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