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"Want a Better Life?"

Try Jesus' seven core teachings for one week

If God is so great, why is life so...

😠 Hard?

😩 Depressing?

😭 Painful?

🤔 Confusing?

🤬 Maddening?

😱 Pointless?

😳 Scary?

🤪 Crazy?

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When I was a boy, God was real to me. I felt this most in nature. I had Christ by my side as I went through my teenage stuff: girlfriends and acne and the search for the purpose of my life.

My love for God took me down a religious path. I went to seminary and got a Ph.D. I pastored a church for 20 years and became a professor. Somehow in the middle of all that my connection with God faded. I had a religious shell and nothing else. It was awful.

Then, God, in kindness, destroyed that shell. Some crises came into my life. There were health issues with my kids. Career questions. Money problems. Church problems. Relationship issues. Religion offered nothing but emptiness. I walked away from it to see if I could connect with God again.

I re-read the teachings of Jesus and they came alive. I was kicking myself. How did I ever get so distracted? I had had the living God by my side and I had left God to pursue religion.

I began to practice the seven core teachings of Jesus, focusing on one each day. My problems didn’t go away. Something better happened. God was back. The emptiness was gone.

I feel like I can face anything. I trust Christ and have hope because I know God is working for good in all things. I feel love pouring into me and through me. I’m discovering my purpose and for the first time in a long time, I am at peace.

I don’t know where you stand with God or religion and I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I’m inviting you to try living by Jesus’ seven core teachings for one week. It will take you 10 minutes a day. That’s not a lot of time but it’s enough.

If God can create the world in 7 days, he can recreate yours in 7 days too.

Enroll in the free introductory course and let’s get started.
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Give God 10 minutes a day.
He'll give you a whole new life.

You'll learn...

  • to stop hiding from your brokenness and make it a doorway to God.
  • to quit worrying and learn to trust.
  • to find hope in any situation.
  • to stop beating yourself up and let God love you
  • to feel God's joy in you as you love others
  • to stop feeling like a nobody and discover your purpose
  • to stop rushing around and rest

“There have been days when these teachings literally saved my life.”


For my wife and me, following Jesus’ teachings together has resolved issue we have suffered with in our marriage for years.


I can still have pain and sorrow and grieving and weariness, but as a follower of Christ these things do not have to define me. Hope can define me instead. 


My life has never been as important or meaningful as it is today!


It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one that is struggling. Thank you for being vulnerable and for the reminder that everyone is in the battle together.