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The Glory of God in My Toothbrush

I met God brushing my teeth today! Summary God’s glory is everywhere. I found it this morning in a spot of light on my wall in my bathroom! It’s truly amazing that we go through life bored. Open your eyes this week to the glory all around you, even in the little things. It will…

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Your Life Is a Mountain, Not a Molehill

Your life is a mountain, not a molehill

You’re not a molehill. You’re a mountain. Jesus says so. Summary Your life may feel like a molehill to you but it’s a mountain to God. In this competitive world, it’s easy to feel like small potatoes, to think our lives don’t matter. But Jesus looked out at a ragtag gathering of Galilean peasants and…

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Love Starts at Home

Love starts at home

Loving EVERYONE is easy. Loving the people right in my face is the real challenge. Love starts at home, flows into the workplace, to my neighbors, and friends. Summary Habit #4 is “Love Everyone.” It’s true that we don’t get to pick and choose who we love. But loving “everyone” is too easy. It turns…

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Loving God Is EASY (If you know what it means)

Loving God Is Easy

Loving God is easy if you know what it means. Video Summary We tend to equate loving God with keeping a bunch of rules or performing religious rituals. But loving God is more about opening our eyes to the wonder of God all around us and saying, “Wow!” You would think that would be easy.…

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