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Connect with God

The Only One Who Can Make A Connection with God for You… Is You

We look to religious experts to tell us how to connect with God. We need to learn to trust our one sure guide: Our own heart.

The Hard Road from Church to the Kingdom of God, Part 1

The Hard Road from Church to the Kingdom of God, Part 1

The Mysterious Presence Ever since I was a little boy, I have felt a mysterious Presence. I felt it traipsing across the hills of the Palouse with my dog, Brute. I heard it in music. I felt it in my family. I touched it in the wilderness of Idaho, where I spent summers backpacking with…

You're a work in progress. Shine!

Let Your Ragged Edges Shine!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to share myself unless I have everything all tidied up. Nature isn’t like that. She is always in progress. And she is always glorious. Your unfinished self is all you will ever have to share. Stop insisting that everything be perfect and let your light shine!


The Apostate & the Infidel, Part 2

In this episode, we turn our attention from the infidel to the apostate. Strangely, these titles were the result of seeking God together. We invite you to join us in the pursuit of God.

New Stuff Coming Your Way!

We just had our 2018 Anchorpoint Board meeting. A bunch of exciting new ideas came out of it. Prepare for more variety that we think you’ll love.


The Apostate & the Infidel, Part 1

Both Jim and I have experienced a deep crisis of faith. In the midst of going through this together Jim started calling me “The Apostate” and I began to call him “The Infidel.” In this episode we explain why, and how our experience changed the way we think of our lives and of God. Mentioned…