These fun educational websites make it easy to keep learning! Reinforce tutoring sessions, or get ready for an upcoming test, with these great tools.


www.spellingcity.comCreate games and quizzes using YOUR WEEKLY spelling words!
www.starfall.comOnline, interactive reading practice (Primary level)
www.math.comKindergarten through 6th grade (plus algebra and geometry)
www.multiplication.comFun games for practicing multiplication facts


www.thatquiz.orgProvides on-line quizzes and information—mostly math, language, geography and sciences. Great for middle and high school 
khanacademy.orgVideo explanations with graphics for all middle and high school math concepts 
www.ilike2learn.comInteractive maps for countries and capitals; printable maps 
www.chompchomp.comMiddle and high school grammar and mechanics Make up study games and quizzes using YOUR OWN notes!