Coming to counseling is a big first step, congratulations and welcome to Anchorpoint. Below you will find a few documents on our policies, how to participate in Telehealth and various consent documents. Before your first session, please review and sign the policies below. Each document will also be reviewed with you during your first session. If you have any questions, please call 412-366-1300 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Consent to Treatment & Communication

This document covers our privacy policies, cancellation policy and the rights you have as a client.

Consent to Participate in Telehealth

This document covers consent to see you as a client via telehealth (video or phone sessions).

Insured Client Policies

Please review this policy and procedures for insured clients, sign and submit it.

Sliding Scale Client Policies

Please review this policy and procedures for sliding scale clients, sign and submit it.

You will discuss with either one of our administrative staff or your counselor about if you fall onto our sliding scale payment system or if your insurance will be billed. Depending on which payment method you are assigned, you will have to sign the appropriate contract above.

Initial Session Information & Medical History Form

This document asks you to fill out personal and family information as well as your physical and mental health history. Please print, fill out, and sign this form before your first session.