Paying Your Bill

Use the “Pay my Bill” button to submit your counseling session payments. You can pay your bills with a PayPal Account, Credit, or Debit Card.

Policies & Consent Forms

If you are a new client, insured client, sliding scale client, or switching to telehealth, your will have to acknowledge and sign each of our Policies, Consent Forms, and Agreements before your first counseling session.

Counseling Survey

If you are a current client, complete this anonymous counseling survey to update Anchorpoint on how your counseling has been going and the outcomes you are seeing in your daily life.

Support Groups

Our groups reach a variety of ages and issues experienced. Some groups offered are for those struggling with mental health difficulties while other groups are workshops for the average individual with an interest in a particular area.

Tutoring Program

Our tutoring program seeks to increase the self-worth and academic achievements of at-risk youth and focuses on helping these youth achieve success in terms of completing homework, studying for tests, improving grades, and fulfilling other curriculum requirements.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry hosts a variety of fundraising events to raise public awareness and critically needed dollars to keep our programs and services affordable. You are welcome to join in helping us with these fun ventures that make such a great impact for those we serve.