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Note from Times Square

A Thought from Times Square

Here’s some video of our visit to Times Square. Loving everyone is harder here because it feels like literally everyone is HERE. It’s easy to love humanity in general. The challenge is loving the person right in front of your face. Those are the instructions though. Let’s do it!

Don't Let Fear Keep You in a Tiny Little Box

Don’t Let Fear Keep You in a Tiny Little Box!

Summary Julie and I nearly let fear literally keep us in a tiny little box (our trailer). Taking the train from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station sounded a bit daunting to us small town kids. Thank God we did it anyway. We’ll be sharing some thoughts from the big city over the next few days.…

Drive nice, save the world

Drive Nice, Change the World!

Video Summary We got a kick out of this traffic circle in Amesbury, Massachusetts. We sat and ate Italian food and were endlessly entertained watching people try to figure it out and not wreck. In California, this would be a world war. But to us it seems like people on the East Coast are nicer…


My Marshmallow Dream Gives Us All Hope

Enjoy these? Help spread the good news. All donations are tax deductible and donors receive the hard copy monthly newsletter. Support Anchorpoint Good morning my friend, and welcome to a new week! I want to start this week off with a blast of hope. Yesterday, Julie and I went on a hike. We were tired.…

Golden Rule Jones

Golden Rule Jones

(Pictures taken from PBS American Experience promo video) Ever hear of Golden Rule Jones? Me either. I just discovered him this morning and I love this guy! He lived between 1846 and 1904. He developed an oil pump which made him rich by age 40. Remember, this is at a time when all the Titans…

Don't save the world. Save the day.

Don’t Save the WORLD. Save the DAY!

Hey, good morning my friend! And it is a good morning. I’ve been up since 5:00. I get up early and I meet with God and I just indulge myself. I love my mornings You can see the sun’s breaking out. Aaaa! You know, it’s getting bright. It’s 7:00 now. As I as I meet…