MENTAL HEALTH TIPS: Embrace Pittsburgh Mindhacks: Self-Soothing

MindHacks is a special public awareness and educational initiative by EMBRACE Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation to spot a light on our own mental well-being during a time of experiencing new stressors, social distancing, and quarantine. The goal is to encourage Pittsburghers to develop and practice thoughtful, basic lifelong coping skills, including self-soothing and other techniques, that are especially helpful and hopeful reminders in the midst of a pandemic or crisis.

Team-Up to Cope with COVID reflects the current “moment” and will help to address the emotional well-being of individuals and families during a time of particular vulnerability to emotional problems. This public awareness campaign features information and short-form videos through the lens of athletes we admire and respect. This coping skills development program is based on skills from dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), an evidence-based treatment that was originally developed to treat chronically suicidal behavior.​

Anchorpoint’s family counseling services are here to help during this difficult time. If you or someone you know is struggling with loneliness, anxiety or depression, give us a call at 412-366-1300 or complete our Digital Intake form to take the first step today!

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