COUPLES COUNSELING: A Half Hour a Day to a Better Marriage

Are you willing to invest a half hour each day to making your marriage better? TwoGether Pittsburgh suggests you try the following:

2 Minutes – Learn one thing that is happening in your spouse’s day before you part in the  morning.

4 Minutes – Spontaneously tell your spouse something you appreciate about him or her every day.

20 Minutes – Decompress after a day apart by discussing the stressful parts of your day. Share your joys and successes. When your spouse shares, don’t give advice. Listen and express support.

4 Minutes – Show affection outside of the bedroom by occasionally kissing or hugging.

This can be the Best 30 Minutes of the day!

For more information regarding relationship workshops for singles or couples, visit this link. To schedule a workshop for your organization, contact Cassy Wimmer  at 412-366-1300 (ext. 105) or [email protected]