TUTORING: Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Your Child’s Year End Report Card

reportcardAnchorpoint’s Summer Tutoring Program is Here to Help.

Most schools in our area are now on break.  Children are giddy with thoughts of  a summer filled with ice cream, swimming, and playing outdoors.  One final bit of school business to come first….report cards!  Are you eagerly anticipating this little piece of paper or dreading it?  How will you respond to poor grades?

First, put it in perspective. Our friends at Love and Logic point out,  “… to remember that the child’s report card is the child’s…not ours.”  These parenting experts advice that while its easy to be disappointed in ourselves when our children perform poorly, its important for our mental health to remember that we can’t learn for our children and we can’t control every action they take or decision they make. We can also be comforted by the fact that some of the world’s most successful people struggled with school. Folks like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso, and Steven Spielberg. Google it.  You’ll find more.

Second, help is available. Anchorpoint is here to partner with you and the local schools to assist children who are struggling academically. One way we accomplish this is through our Summer Tutoring Program which runs from June 20 to August 5. There are several elementary student spots available.  Certified teachers provide remedial and developmental instruction in Reading, Mathematics, and English.  All tutoring is conducted on a one-to-one basis at our agency in the North Hills near Ross Park Mall. Let us help you to prepare your child for a great start in the fall.  Click here for a flyer with more details about our Summer Tutoring Program.

“We feel every child deserves to have all of the tools necessary to work to his or her potential and feel proud of these accomplishments,” says Sandy Niekum, Anchorpoint’s Tutoring Program Manager.  As one little first grader exclaimed, “I love tutoring! I used to have the yuckiest printing, but now I get stars!”One to One Tutoring at Anchorpoint

Parents also provide positive feedback for Anchorpoint’s Tutoring Programs, “I’m very grateful for the tutoring program at Anchorpoint.  I have seen many benefits from my child going there.  Some of them are her grades have improved, her self-esteem has gone up, and her attitude about going to school is also better.  Everyone at Anchorpoint is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I don’t want to think of our school life for our child if I would not have found Anchorpoint tutoring.”

Registration for the Summer Tutoring Program closes at the end of this week.  There is a possiblilty that you could be accommodated next week but you’ll have to accept what time slots are still available. Contact Sandy Niekum at 412-366-1300  ex. 123 to register your child.