PARENT EDUCATION: How everyone can empower youth (even you)

Do you know that you can empower the youth in your life?  As a parent, teacher, youth or scout leader, aunt, uncle, neighbor (you get the idea!), you can make a difference.

The Search Institute offers the following tips for empowering youth taken from their book, “Take It Personally: Valuable Insights for People Who Care about Kids.”  You can…

  • Listen to young people.

  • Notice young people’s contributions and gifts.

  • Ask young people for their advice.

  • Include young people in decisions.

  • Give young people meaningful roles.

  • Help young people make their dreams come true.

  • Find out young people’s opinions.

  • Celebrate young people’s accomplishments.

  • Take seriously young people’s fears and worries.

  • Learn the reasons for young people’s feelings.

  • See young people as important contributors to your community in the present and in the future.

  • Learn about music, books, and activities that are  important to young people.

The most valuable asset you can give to a child in need is you! We have a wait list of students struggling academically who could use your help.

Consider becoming a volunteer tutor here at Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry.   In as little as an hour a week, you will make a world of difference to a child who needs help with school work. For more information on our tutoring program and how you can be involved, please contact Sandy Niekum at 412-366-1300 ex.23