You can make an eternal difference in someone's life.

Ethan has everything. Why is he miserable?

He’s tried everything he can think of to fill the emptiness: entertainment, drugs, sex, eating, money, friends… Nothing helps.

He needs an antidepressant just to make it through the day.


Depressed Man


Jesus has something to say to Ethan. 


“God loves you."
"I love you."
"I’ll bring you home.”

Ethan has never heard this.


When Ethan thinks about God, he throws up his hands.

He’s had it with religion. He’s is part of the fastest growing group in America—the “Nones.”

The Nones now comprise 25% of the American population and their number is growing.


The love of God has been buried beneath religion.

Jesus would hate the religion that bears his name. It’s too much like the Pharisaic Judaism he clashed with when he was on earth: 

Exclusive. Judgmental. Focused on ritual and doctrine.

Rather than inviting all people to the love of God, it obsesses with deciding who is “in” and who is “out.” 

Jesus revealed the heart of God: love. Everyone is in. Ethan is accepted by God and forgiven. He is invited to draw close to God and to learn to love. 

When love is the priority, God sorts out our differences, guides us toward truth, and teaches us to live in harmony.  When religion is the priority we relaunch the Crusades.

Anchorpoint is a home for Ethan and for anyone who longs to live by Jesus’ teachings.


It is a place to sit around God’s table and seek truth together, in a spirit of love.

Here are three ways Anchorpoint does this. 

  • It offers a simple way to make Jesus’ core teachings a way of life—called The Seven Habits of Wholeness.
  • It offers a Podcast and blog to seek truth in a spirit of love.
  • It welcomes everyone to an online community where we share our lives, seek truth, and encourage each other.

Anchorpoint’s goal for 2018 is a hundred thousand dollars to change a hundred million lives.

Using technology, much as the first Christians used Roman roads, Anchorpoint takes the message of Jesus to Ethan and to the whole world. 

Your donations are already making this happen! 

Together we are...

  • Putting the Seven Habits of Wholeness in front of hundreds of thousands of people. (Just $10 reaches 1000 people.)
  • Creating 36 Episodes of the Curb Your Dogma Podcast
  • Producing at least two blog posts each week
  • Creating books and materials to help people follow Jesus.
  • Building online community that cares for people like Ethan.

You have already supported Anchorpoint’s mission with $57,700!

Thank you!

You can help get the message of Jesus to people like Ethan.

Even the smallest donation makes a big difference.

All donations are tax deductible


(because Ethan needs to know the love of God)

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