When the Bottom Falls Out of Your Life


Brokenness: Day 2

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What is your story of the ground cracking underneath you?  How did you feel?

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  1. Julie Stimmel on October 30, 2017 at 9:02 am

    Hi Maury,
    In the world’s philosophy of life, we have deeply ingrained expections from birth that brokenness is supposed to be the rare exception in our lives. When brokenness occurs we have the right to rage and demand that it be removed. God’s job is to prevent bad things from happening and to continually fulfill our wish lists. BUT the reality, the truth is just the opposite. Because we live in a broken world, which was set in motion when Adam and Eve chose to satisfy self instead of obeying God, brokenness became the norm and not the rare exception. Understanding and accepting this perspective disarms the response of blaming God. It leads us to run to God in the pain, the fear, the loss, the grieving, the injustice, the failure, the unknown, not in accusatory anger, but in trust of His eternal purposes. Events of brokenness in life are still devastating, but they don’t have to win. Satan’s desire for brokenness is to keep us away from God, but God’s purpose for brokenness is to transform us and draw us ever closer to Him.
    As a citizen of this world, the truth of our condition is that we not only have broken happen to us, but even worse is that WE ARE HOPELESSLY BROKEN. This is our identity. We are separated from God for eternity. But there is good news. This holy and loving God gave us His Son to be the Savior Who would restore the break between sinful us and Holy God that sin caused in the first place. By believing in God, in Who He is, in Jesus Christ His Son and our Savior Who died for us and defeated His own death, and thus ours, and by receiving Him as our Lord and Savior, the eternal and spiritual condition of brokenness are healed.
    The church we attend has a new pastor as of one year ago and the Lord is mightily using him to teach us and move us into this foundational truth that makes the world and many churches uncomfortable. As our pastor says, “JESUS IS GREATER”!!!!

  2. Maury on October 31, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    This is wonderful, Julie. I especially like the comment about the sense of entitlement we feel that we should NOT be broken in our culture.

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