1. Julie Stimmel on August 17, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Trust can be thought of as:
    -Relinquishing control and self-will and letting the Lord have His will, believing that He is perfect goodness, that He is able and all-powerful to see us through, that only He can and does know the big picture.
    -Believing and ACTING on the fact that the Lord has a purpose in what He allows and brings into our lives, and that His purposes involves growing us, refining us, preparing us for eternity and using us to grow His kingdom.
    -Having enough confidence in WHO GOD IS to ACTIVELY follow Him, even when we don’t understand what He is doing or where He is leading..
    -Believing that He created and holds the map and what it represents, that He knows all the detours, the best routes, the valley’s, the deserts, the mountains, the long and straight roads, the curvy roads where you can’t see around the bend, the rest-stops, and asks us to be willing and cooperative passengers in the front seat, enjoying the view and seeing what’s ahead and where we’ve been from His perspective. When we accept the invitation and join Him for the ride, that is ACTIVE trust.
    -Following Him at all costs as the world quietly lures us or screams at us to go a different direction. TO HIS GLORY!

  2. Sandra Snider on August 18, 2017 at 9:37 am

    julie Stimmel’s comment is very helpful! To me, trust means betting your life on the goodness of God. My mother-in-law was a faithful Sunday school teacher and devout Christian her whole life. When she got cancer and died a painful death, that was a big challenge to my faith. Why didn’t God protect her? I think God was refining her and giving her a chance to SHOW that she trusted the goodness of God, no matter what happens in this life. She passed the test with flying colors!! A GREAT inspiration to me!

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