Golden Rule Jones

(Pictures taken from PBS American Experience promo video)

Ever hear of Golden Rule Jones?

Me either. I just discovered him this morning and I love this guy! He lived between 1846 and 1904. He developed an oil pump which made him rich by age 40. Remember, this is at a time when all the Titans were were burgeoning all over the world. I was bloodsport! It was very competitive! It was ugly!

But Jones was not like this. He lived by the golden rule. In fact, his version went like this:

“What I want for myself, I want for everyone.”

And so he gave to people. His workers got

  • 8 hour work days
  • paid vacations
  • child care assistance
  • subsidized meals
  • better than average wages and
  • profit sharing in the company

Unheard of things at the time.

Later, he was elected mayor of Toledo where he opened

  • free kindergartens
  • developed a park system
  • established playgrounds for children
  • establish free public baths and
  • instituted 8 hour work days for city workers

These things were unheard of at the time.

And what I love best about this guy is that he ran as a Republican and won the first term. The second term, the Republican Party rejected him so he ran as independent under the slogan:

“Principle before Party” And he won!

Jones taught Toledo there’s no shortage to God’s abundance. There’s no scarcity in this world that’s not created by a greedy, competitive heart.

When we give, we receive, which is probably why Jesus said, “It's better to give than receive,” or in another place, Jesus put it like this:

“Give and it will be given to you they'll pour it into your lap in a good measure, pressed down shaken together, and running over!” (Luke 6:38)

So today, take a page from Golden Rule Jones. Share the abundance! Look around and see who you can bless. Wcan you give something to? And here's the amazing thing: the more you give the more you'll get back.

Here’s to you, Golden Rule Jones!

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