Day 6: Love Does Not Discriminate

Love that is partial is not love. Just as light and darkness do not mix, love and hate do not mix.

If there is the tiniest speck of rejection in God, then God is not love. If God hates a single atom, then God is not love. There is no hate in love. 

God loves everything. That includes you. 

If I loved two of my three children, would you call me a loving father? No. You’d call me a jerk.

God is not a jerk. God loves you.


  1. David on December 9, 2018 at 9:17 am

    Don’t the Calvinist believe that God do not love everyone, just a select few

    • Maury Robertson on December 9, 2018 at 9:47 am

      Indeed they do, David. It’s a logical necessity based on the presuppositions.

      If God ultimately abandons part of creation to eternal hell, there has to be some explanation. Either

      1) God chose to do it (Calvinism) or
      2) We chose it (Arminianism).

      Each “solution” raises its own set of unanswerable problems. Calvinism makes God a devil. Arminianism makes God ultimately dependent on human choice. You always wind up staring the question of evil in the face without a good answer.

      This is why I believe it best to admit that we simply don’t understand and focus on the things that are clear. God is love. That’s not ambiguous. It’s also one of the reasons I believe hell is not a final destination for anything God created but a tool of purification. (See “Why I Love Hell” if you want more.)

      Thanks for the comment!

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