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  1. Julie Stimmel on August 23, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Hope has to have a solid foundation to stand on.; TRUST. Trust has to have a solid foundation to stand on; THE REALITY OF THE LORD AND WHO HE IS. Hope and trust are inseparable. The more we learn about and embrace the character of the Lord, the more we trust Him and can have hope because of Him. We can face a difficult time or a seemingly impossible situation, knowing that the the Lord is ABLE to provide what we desired, but more importantly, also knowing that the Lord is everything we need to sustain us, no matter what happens. Our ultimate and most important hope and focus in this life is on doing life with the Lord now, and on being with the Lord for eternity. I can solidly hope to be with the Lord for eternity and I can solidly trust in the Lord that this hope will be fulfilled. TO HIS GLORY.

    Thank you Julie and Maury for sharing your life’s adventures with us, and for daily looking for, recognizing, reflecting on and relaying the Lord’s truths to us as you “do life”. Love it!

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