Day 4: Love Lets Go—But Leaves a Light On for You

God’s love can never change. But what happens when you are a jerk? Does God smile down on you approvingly? 

When you are rude or unforgiving or greedy or lustful or… you step out of the light and into the shadow. This is the darkness Jesus warned so much about. The place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

The pain you feel is an expression of love. It is the hot stove to teach you not to burn your finger. God never stops loving you. 

Jesus said God is like a shepherd who is desperate to find the one lost sheep. He’ll leave the ninety-nine and go looking. That lost sheep is all he can think about. Jesus also said there is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who returns than in ninety-nine who never leave. 

The point of this is not that it’s good to go astray. The point is to show how God feels about you when you do. Every parent understands this. The wayward child breaks your heart. You’d do anything to restore her. Your heart is broken, not angry.

When you are at your very worst, God loves you.

You can always come home. When you do, God will jump for joy. There will be total acceptance, forgiveness, and a way forward.

Come home.

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