1. Julie Stimmel 7 months ago

    Hi Maury and Julie,
    As I have been participating in Anchorpoints, the Lord has been teaching me that HOPE, BROKENNESS, REST, PURPOSE, TRUST, LOVE OF GOD, and LOVE
    OF NEIGHBOR are the fundamentals of life for a follower of Christ. It’s amazing how each of the seven entities are so interconnected with each other. As time goes by I have noticed a continually deepened understanding of the Anchor Points and a deepened relationship with the Lord that is making a big difference and improvement in my daily life. I have loved having a place to consistently be challenged to think about and listen to the Lord regarding these truths, and to be able to process out loud and verbalize what He is teaching me.
    Thank you Maury and Julie for your obedience to the Lord, and thank you to the Lord, Who is feeding and growing my hungry heart and mind through what He is doing in and through you. Some of the Old Testament prophets were asked by the Lord to do some pretty unconventional things from the world’s perspective to bring forth His Word. This is all a part of being a follower of Christ.
    Regarding to topic of fear and avoidance, ugghhh. I struggle with being easily fearful and anxious. I would prefer to have physical and emotional peace and calm as a response, but I think the Lord works within the fear and anxiousness to keep me looking to Him.

  2. Author
    Maury 7 months ago

    Way to MAKE MY DAY, Julie! Thanks so much for this! Since you’re engaging so marvelously, I have an invitation for you (and David if he’s interested). I’m leading a private group through the Anchorpoints this fall. There will only be 12 of us. It won’t take much more energy than you’re already putting into it. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the info. No pressure, by the way! Just a heartfelt invitation.

    • Julie Stimmel 7 months ago

      Sounds good. We will take you up on your offer. Thank you.
      Julie and David

    • Author
      Maury 7 months ago

      So sorry! I can’t find your email to send you the info! Can you please send me an email at maury@anchorpoint.org? Thanks!

  3. Author
    Maury 7 months ago

    Wonderful! I’ll send you the info today. So glad to have you as part of this!

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