1. Jemd1966 10 months ago

    That’s great! God’s love for us truly is the”amazing” in Amazing Love.

  2. Author
    Maury 10 months ago


  3. Sandra snider 10 months ago

    It is easy to praise and love God when looking at nature. But when I consider man’s
    Cruelty to other people, I struggle. Why does God permit people to hurt each other?

    • Author
      Maury 10 months ago

      That’s the big question, Mom. Evil. Where did it come from? Why does God tolerate it? My best guess to this is that evil is a necessary component of a world in which there is good. It would be hard to imagine good if there were no evil. But maybe evil (including the horrible way we treat each other) is not something God “created” at all. It is what happens when God is not acknowledged and His creation is smashed. God makes masterpieces. We tear them down. Evil is not a “something.” It is a “nothing.” It is the absence of good, of God, not anything in itself. Of course, that doesn’t answer why God doesn’t stop us from tearing things down. I guess you could even say that if God created monsters like us evil his fault. That brings us to freedom. Maybe evil is a necessary component in a world that is free. In a sense, you could say evil was created by God since God created the free world. But it’s not quite the same. God didn’t create evil. Go created good and gave the world freedom. The shadow side of good (evil) and freedom (tyranny) are just that—shadows. They are “naughts.” In the end, I believe the power of love will cause us to love God wholly minus evil and tyranny. And in the process, God reveals something amazing: redeeming love. That’s the most encouraging thing of all to me. God’s in the mess. Whatever reason God doesn’t stop us from hurting each other, we can’t say God is aloof and uncaring. Christ death shows that he is in it with us.

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