Habit 4: Let God Love You

Day 7: Love Never Fails

How long would I wait for a wayward child? Would there ever come a day when I would shut the door forever? Impossible. If I, a reflection of God’s love, could never stop loving my children, how could God, the source of love, do less? Jesus’ warnings of judgment are warnings of the pain of…

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Day 6: Love Does Not Discriminate

Love that is partial is not love. Just as light and darkness do not mix, love and hate do not mix. If there is the tiniest speck of rejection in God, then God is not love. If God hates a single atom, then God is not love. There is no hate in love.  God loves…

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Day 5: Love Is Especially Close in Suffering

I have about a million questions for God. Why cancer? Why tsunamis? Why poverty? Why politicians? Why no-see-ums? Why… If God is all loving and God is all good, how can there be evil?  I don’t get it.  One thing I know: God is working in all things. You are not on our own in…

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Day 3: Love Is Personal

Jesus said God cares about every last thing God made: every sparrow, every blade of grass, every hair on your head. It’s too much. If God knows everything, how can God love you? You feel naked and ashamed, so you keep God at arm’s length.  There is no reason to hide from God. God is…

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Day 2: Love Is Unchangeable

Love Is Unchangeable

God’s love is like the sun. It shines whether you are good or bad. It shines because shining is its nature. God loves because love is the nature of God. God could no more stop loving you than the sun could stop shining.  God knows you intimately. God loves you. Nothing you could ever do…

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