Habit 4: Let God Love You

Grand Central Station Is Worship??

The last thing in the world I expected was to get off the subway in downtown New York and enter a house of worship. But Grand Central Station is just that. I was in awe. It actually felt reverent. If something as mundane as a subway station can be turned into a house of worship,…

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Here’s the Easiest, Fastest Way to Let God Love You

Here's the Easiest, Fastest Way to Let God Love You

Is your love for God a little stale? Here’s a quick way to jumpstart it. Summary When you fail to be grateful, you shrivel up inside. There is always a long list of things to gripe about. Sometimes that list is all you can see. In those times especially, it is important to stop and be…

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Loving God Is EASY (If you know what it means)

Loving God Is Easy

Loving God is easy if you know what it means. Video Summary We tend to equate loving God with keeping a bunch of rules or performing religious rituals. But loving God is more about opening our eyes to the wonder of God all around us and saying, “Wow!” You would think that would be easy.…

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