Habit 3: Hope in God

Day 4: Love Lets Go—But Leaves a Light On for You

God’s love can never change. But what happens when you are a jerk? Does God smile down on you approvingly?  When you are rude or unforgiving or greedy or lustful or… you step out of the light and into the shadow. This is the darkness Jesus warned so much about. The place of weeping and…

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Take It from Lady Liberty

Take it from Lady Liberty

A view of Lady Liberty is a short walk from the World Trade Center. What a contrast!  On one hand there is a reminder of what dogma does in our world. On the other, a symbol of love, freedom, and inclusion of all people. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to…

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Don’t Let Fear Keep You in a Tiny Little Box!

Don't Let Fear Keep You in a Tiny Little Box

Summary Julie and I nearly let fear literally keep us in a tiny little box (our trailer). Taking the train from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station sounded a bit daunting to us small town kids. Thank God we did it anyway. We’ll be sharing some thoughts from the big city over the next few days.…

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My Marshmallow Dream Gives Us All Hope


Enjoy these? Help spread the good news. All donations are tax deductible and donors receive the hard copy monthly newsletter. Support Anchorpoint Good morning my friend, and welcome to a new week! I want to start this week off with a blast of hope. Yesterday, Julie and I went on a hike. We were tired.…

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The Glory of God in My Toothbrush

I met God brushing my teeth today! Summary God’s glory is everywhere. I found it this morning in a spot of light on my wall in my bathroom! It’s truly amazing that we go through life bored. Open your eyes this week to the glory all around you, even in the little things. It will…

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