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Anchorpoint Annual Support Campaign

A hundred thousand dollars to change a hundred million lives.

How It Is Happens

Randy is stressed about money. He’s on Facebook, wondering why everyone ELSE has it so good. A message grabs his eye:

Stressed about money? Seven days can change everything.

Randy signs up for a week of 5-minute teachings. He begins to see that his problem is not money. His relationship with God needs an overhaul. He continues on into the seven-week study of the Anchorpoints. He realizes he was buying stuff to fill a void only God could fill. His finances begin to improve.

His friends notice the difference. He’s more upbeat, less stressed, more joyful, at peace. They ask about it. He suggests that they try following the teachings of Jesus.

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How We Stand


How will $100,000 be used? 

    • Put daily Anchorpoint videos, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. 

    • Create 36 Episodes of the Curb Your Dogma Podcast

    • Put messages of hope in front of hurting people. (Just $10 reaches 1000 people.)

    • Create books and materials for new believers. 

    • Build small groups and online community.

    • Care for members.

    • Maintain the Anchorpoint Facebook page and post daily to the blog. 

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