My tears have been my food day and night,
While they say to me all day long, “Where is your God?”
(Psalm 42:3)

Post this in the box below: “I trust in the light, even in the dark” 

Feel free to explain if you wish.

  1. Nancy Horne 12 months ago

    When the breath was knocked out of me in the worst day of my life, my family and close Christian friends came to me. We wept together and it was a dark day, what I did hold onto was trusting in the Lord. Nothing made sense but I knew God was in control and he was comforting me.

    • Author
      Maury 12 months ago

      It’s interesting to me that comfort rarely comes in the form of an explanation. It comes with skin on.

  2. Terri Norris 12 months ago

    I do trust the light, even when we have been in the dark…I DO!!
    …so you know I have to quote scripture to you, after that beginning:
    …Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path Psalm 119:105
    (my FAVORITE of all time!)
    Our story would take a whole blog and then some, but simply put-I said goodbye to my Husband 4 times in the ‘thinness’ of a hospital-Stanford. I never, ever felt alone, I know God was there-I could feel his Kingdom, but I was so afraid. We fought a good fight, with God carrying us when we were too weak, and by the Grace of God we were bestowed more time, 10 years this year. Even in our darkest moments, and for some there are many….trust in the Lord, trust in the Kingdom of God.
    And from one of my hymns…Be Not Afraid:

    Be not afraid,
    I go before you always,
    Come follow Me,
    and I shall give you rest.

    Our love to all of you…
    Praying without ceasing….

    • Author
      Maury 12 months ago

      That is so cool that you felt Christ so clearly in the darkness. I confess there have been times when I just felt…darkness. But God always pulls me out. I don’t like it down there!

  3. walt 12 months ago

    good lesson. two comments:

    job’s friends did the right thing when they just sat quietly with him in his despair. it all fell apart when they opened their mouths (job 2:13).

    jeremiah ‘saw the light’ in the middle of his despair when he affirmed god’s love, compassion, and faithfulness (lamentations 3:21-24)

    • Author
      Maury 12 months ago

      Two excellent examples, Walt. Thanks. Job is the perfect illustration of this.

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