1. Leah Ewen 9 months ago

    Good to “see” you guys. Derek moved out this last week so we are going thru the same kind of thing. It is all good, but change always has a bit of pain in it. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

    • Author
      Maury 9 months ago

      For sure! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. Thanks for watching Hallie!

  2. Chela St. John-Parisian 9 months ago

    ALOHA Maury and JULIE,
    Yes our children grow up way too fast and now my grandchildren are spouting up fast. As my mother used to say, I don’t mind getting old I just hate the fact that my children are. This Reminds us that each season that we have is special and to be cherished. .. God gives us a “time” for each gift. May this new season be filled with its own kind of wonderful Blessed gifts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Blessings and prayers, Chela

    • Author
      Maury 9 months ago

      I love your mother’s quote! “I don’t mind getting old I just hate the fact that my children are.” And looking at life as seasons to be cherished is a great way of looking at things. Thanks, Chela!

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